American Hero – U.S. Marine Ret Melroy Cort

On a regular day, my job is very gratifying and fulfilling. I have the pleasure of working with builders from all over the Northeast. However, this project was something even better. It was amazing and awe-inspiring. We were a part of an incredible team, fueled by “Tunnel to Towers” and “A Soldier’s Journey Home.” Together, we built a Smart Home for U.S. Marine Ret MelRoy Cort in just 14 days. Mr. Cort lost both his legs from an IED explosion in Afghanistan, and this build provided him and his family with the much-needed resource to significantly improve their daily lives.

With Harvest Homes state-of-the-art panelized system and an army of 50 volunteers, it was possible to frame this 2,800 sq ft. house in less than 3 days, getting this deserving marine moved into his home in record time.

As our trucks pulled into the job site the first day, we were welcomed by First Responders and Veterans from all over the United States. These volunteers take 2 weeks of vacation once a year to build a home for a qualifying veteran’s or veteran’s family. In these crazy times it was so important to be reminded that our freedoms and rights come from these individuals. They have put their lives on the line, or even given their lives for our Great Nation.

As we began work early the next morning, Steve, our crane operator, started the crane and we began to orchestrate this build. All the volunteers come together, helping with anything from framing, to land prep, to talking with the media. They were essential in coordinating the events of each day and keeping us on schedule.

After a 13-hour day, all the framework was completed, and some trusses were set in place. The absolute most amazing part of the day is when Melroy Cort had a opportunity to assist with the building process. There were about 20 grown adults holding back tears when Melroy smiled, pleased to be helping build his family’s soon-to-be new home. I can’t imagine how he must have felt, helping build his house while 20 cameras took pictures and videoed his once in a lifetime experience. It was surreal and so special.  We knew the hard work over the next 2 weeks was going to be 100% worth it!

The build schedule was a very aggressive, but highly rewarding. We accomplished this build in the two-week goal. All so Mr. Cort and his family could move into the new house and make it their home.

Although I spent only a short time with MelRoy Cort, I cannot say enough great things about this American Hero. Hearing and seeing his bravery and strength has made me a better man and father to my family. All I hope is that he can lay in bed at night, with a brand-new roof over his head and realize that there are a lot of Americans that appreciate the sacrifice he has endured. This home is just a small token of what he really deserves.

Thank You U.S. Marine Ret Melroy Cort

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