10 Reasons to Become an Independent Harvest Homes Builder


A Time Saving Building Method

Increase your production without adding additional carpenters. More production plus fewer employees equals more profit for you.


The Complete Package

One stop shopping for up to 65% of project materials, all on one invoice provided by us. Let us do your office work for you.


Protected Territories and Lead Program

Building leads that come to Harvest Homes are forwarded to the builder in that area. Your territory is protected. Let us find your next job for you.


Advertising and Marketing Program

Use our marketing tools to increase your sales. Our builders often experience a significantly greater Internet and social media presence due to their affiliation with Harvest Homes Website and online advertising tools.

Our co-op advertising program, job signs, brochures, video, and home show booth are all tools we use to get your company seen.


Design and Renderings

Use our full color catalog of popular style homes with guaranteed prices, or work with our drafting and design department for custom home engineered drawings.


Estimating Services

Our experienced staff specializes in pre-fabricated construction components, with guaranteed prices and quantities. Accurate estimates provided in the beginning stages reduces risks, helping eliminate job cost overruns.


Better Building Materials

Harvest Homes are built in-house, within a controlled environment. We are able to monitor and protect the integrity of our building materials while we protect their quality from the harsh elements. Superior materials equals superior homes.


Build Year Round

Weather in the Northeast is unpredictable at best. Our company provided crane allows for panelized floors and walls to be erected in a day and weather tight in as little as three, allowing your timeline and the customer’s to remain on track no matter what the forecast holds.


Less On-Site Waste and Theft

With the majority of on-site waste being eliminated due to our in-house construction at Harvest Homes, it will cut down on costly waste removal, site clean up, and potential theft.


10-Year Warranty

You will be able offer your customers our 10-year structural warranty on all residential homes, setting you apart from your competition.  Our warranty will build confidence with your customers, giving them peace of mind that their new home will meet your high standards for years to come.

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