Timing is Everything

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One of the first questions any prospective customer asks is,

“How long will it take?”

It’s a question you cautiously answer by carefully laying out a best-case scenario, when you know any number of things can easily disrupt the schedule.   Panelizing your projects with Harvest Homes can help you set and meet your schedules.  Nobody can control the weather and traditional framing practices can suffer setbacks when conditions don’t allow crews to work.   If the framing package is delayed, the roofers, siders, electricians, etc ….  get pushed back.  It’s a “trickle down” effect that throws off the timing and layering of subcontractors on not just this one job but, potentially all jobs on the contractor’s schedule.   Let’s look at an example.   The framing crew was supposed to start a project on April 13th.  Knowing this the General Contractor scheduled a roofer to work 2 ½ weeks later.   Because of spring rains, the foundation was delayed by a week, so they started on the 20th.   More rain and winds delayed the framing crew, so instead of finishing on the 29th they finished on May 14th two weeks behind schedule.  The roofer couldn’t sit around for two weeks with no income, so they moved on to different jobs.  They are now delayed and will start on May 18th weather permitting of course.   Until the roof is completed and the home weather tight, the other contractors can’t start their portions of work.   The electrician and plumber are now in the middle of other jobs and the insulation can’t go in until they finish …. The delays continue to “trickle down” through the project.

Wouldn’t it be nice as a Builder/Developer to answer “how long is it going to take” with confidence?  And wouldn’t your Sub-contractors schedule be more predictable if you could confidently make and keep to a schedule.  When you make the choice to replace conventional on-site framing practices with a Harvest Homes  Manufactured Panelized Systems, you take back control over your projects timeline.   When a Harvest Homes package is ordered you will know when it is being built, delivered, and when it will be ready to roof.  You can confidently schedule your sub-contractors saving valuable time and money by keeping to a schedule.  With Harvest Homes delivering your pre-manufactured floor, wall and roof systems, you will be able to build 1 extra house per year by avoiding costly delays in scheduling.   Timing is everything, and at Harvest Homes we care about your schedule.



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