Benefits of Panelized Homes

The most frequently used systems-built technology today is the panelized building system. A panelized building system is a form of construction in which all components of a house are prefabricated at a climate-controlled factory, and then shipped to the building site for construction. In most instances, the builder can have a weather-tight shell within a couple of days.

Panelization is commonly used in most homes wall, floor and sometimes roof panels. Choosing a panelized building system allows for completely customized home designs that will fit virtually any need or design.

Benefits of panelization:

  • Built faster than stick-built homes
  • Reduce or eliminate costly delays
  • Weather damage during construction minimal, if any
  • Engineered precision to highest quality
  • Green Building– Less waste generated

There are many building techniques and styles of panelized homes, some of which add numerous extra benefits to choosing systems-built homes. At Harvest Homes panelization building systems create unique homes that are structural battleships for typical stick builders.

Additional benefits with Harvest Homes building system:

  • Unlimited design flexibility
  • Structural integrity – built Code Compliant to according snow/wind loads
  • Can be matched with any foundation type
  • Easy on-site assembly – perfect for remote site building, such as Martha Vineyard
  • In house services to promote qualified builders in local areas
  • Provide ultimate energy efficiencies using insulated sheathing on our panels

Whether building a coastal home, primary residence, commercial structure or even a home addition, Harvest Homes building system allows for numerous benefits of systems building without the set backs of conventional built homes. Get started today by choosing Harvest Homes!

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