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At FORM, we believe building a well-designed home and grounds is art. Our mission is to build artful custom homes. Each home should embody the interests and personality of its owners. We strive to create works of art, with purity of design, and quality construction without compromising the integrity of either. Creating artful spaces, we are revisiting the composition of living.

There are many great designers and builders out there. We happen to live in an area that is rich in both. Know that you will have a great home no matter who you choose. But, if you want something different. Something unique to you. Something that speaks to who you are. Something that is a piece of living art. Something that suites your functional needs. Then FORM is for you. 

What We Do

Addressing our clients’ functional needs through efficient spacial arrangement, cutting edge technologies and material solutions, allows us to focus our approach from the very beginning on the artfulness of the living environment. Our balanced approach of heavy design and efficient cutting-edge applications allows us to provide our clients with an unmatched home and grounds that is unique to them, their needs and their personalities. FORM was created to ensure this is the outcome. We are designers who build and builders who design. The aesthetic of a space is paramount, but can be found in ornamental, structural or functional elements. We create the right balance of function and form.

Creative and artful products abound, but budget, use of space, and life cycle of components are integral to our way of thinking. We make sure the men or women pounding the nails or hanging the windows are present at various design sessions. Being both designers and builders allows FORM to keep an open dialog between the contractors and designers through the life of a project. This ensures less headaches at the end of a project and a superior home that meets the needs and desires of our clients.


Where We Build

Great Northeast Region

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