Dave L. Smith

522 Buck Road
Accord, NY 12404

About Us                                              

Like most entrepreneurs, Dave Smith started out in a slightly different role. In order to put food on the table and provide for his needs, Dave began working for a local construction company at an early age. As time marched on he saw a need in the marketplace for a different kind of high-end contractor. A contractor that treated clients with an unmatched level of service and a very special attention to home-owner vision. From that, Dave Smith Construction was born.

What We Do

His work can be seen in both the residential and commercial markets. He is not limited to just small projects or large projects. Dave Smith Construction can take on something as simple as addition, all the way up to building a customized dream home.

Where We Build

Hudson Valley Area


Interested in more information about custom built homes or design services in New York? Call us at (518) 895-2341 or fill out the quick and easy contact form online.

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