Frequently Asked Questions

Can we visit Harvest Homes manufacturing facility for a Plant Tour?

Yes. We would love to have you visit us. Contact your local Harvest Homes Independent Builder/Dealer in your area, or call us direct at (518) 895-2341, and we would be happy to make arrangements for your visit. There is no better place to learn of the advantages of building your next home with a panelized building system.

Why should I visit Harvest Homes?

Harvest Homes makes your visit meaningful.  Rather than schedule “Group Tours,” Harvest Homes schedules individual meetings at your convenience. When you join us in Delanson, NY, you see everything firsthand, and also receive a detailed plan and specification review, plus a copy of our Free Home Planning Guide.

Do we have to build one of the homes from your catalog, or can we design a custom home to better fit our needs?

You do not have to choose one of the designs from our model homes catalog. More than 75% of the homes we build each year are customized to meet the homeowner’s needs. We can start from your single line sketch and work through the details with you to develop the home of your dreams, or you can choose one of over one thousand designs offered by Design Basics. For more information, check out the custom homes page on our website.

Can I make changes to a Harvest Homes model from your catalog?

Yes. There are over 40 different homes featured in the Harvest Homes model Catalog. We realize that no two homeowners will have the same tastes or needs, but you have to start somewhere. The catalog of homes we offer is a great place to start. If you like one of our designs, but want to rearrange the floor plan to better suit your life style, we are more than happy to make those changes for you.

How does a panelized home compare to a conventional stick built home?

The panels for your home will be assembled in a controlled environment, out of the rain and snow. Quality control standards for design, workmanship, and materials are met for each home before it is shipped. Your home will be weather-tight much faster than a stick built home, which will protect your investment from damaging elements. And each Harvest Home comes with a 10 year structural Warranty. You will save time and money without compromising quality.

Can we choose a different brand of windows, or are we limited to the Harvest Homes Basic Specifications for materials used in our home?

You can select different brand names for the materials used in your new home. Harvest Homes has selected quality manufacturers for the products we use when building each home. If you wish to modify the material specifications for your home, you are able to do so.

How much does it cost per square foot to build a Harvest Home?

Not including land, it can range from $110 per foot to $225 per foot. There are many variables that can impact the final cost of your new home. The style of home you select, the type and manufacturer of windows and doors, the choice of interior finishes such as kitchen cabinets and counter tops, floor coverings, appliances and plumbing fixtures all will affect the price of your new home, to mention a few. The Independent Builders can help fit you into the home that will meet your needs and budget.

Is there a charge for a price estimate on a custom home?

No. Home estimates are provided at no charge. You will need to provide Harvest Homes with a complete listing of materials specifications, and a set of plans for the home you wish to build. All Harvest Homes Model homes have already been priced and are ready to go.

Can we do some of the work ourselves?

Providing sweat equity is a common request made by future homeowners. Arrangements can be made prior to contract with your Independent Builder/Dealers for what services you will be responsible for. Shell erected package only, do your own painting and landscaping, or a turn-key completed home, are all options available to you.

Can we purchase blue prints for one of Harvest Homes models, or contract for design services without purchasing the Harvest Homes panelized building system?

Unfortunately we do not provide plan services for those not using our building system. We will provide a complete set of building plans for clients who have signed a contract to build their new home and given a small deposit.

Do you provide financing for a Harvest Homes panelized building system?

Harvest Homes does not directly provide financing, but we have a working relationship with numerous lenders who specialize in new construction financing.

Do you offer building lots?

Harvest Homes Independent Builder/Dealers may have building lots available. They will be able to help you in your search to find a lot to meet your building budget. They are familiar with their areas and are aware of lots that may be available.

Still have questions? Contact us at Harvest Homes!