Become a Dealer

There are plenty of reasons to become a Harvest Homes Independent Dealer…

A Time Saving Building Method

Increase your production without adding additional carpenters. More production, fewer people, more profit.

The Complete Package

One stop shopping with more than 65% of project materials on one invoice, which reduces office expense.

Protected Territories and Lead Program

Dealer territory is protected with a company lead program. Any inquiries referred to proper dealers.

Advertising and Marketing Program

Marketing tools for more sales. Co-op advertising program, job signs, brochures, video, home show booth, and Internet Site.

Design and Renderings

Full color catalog of popular style homes with guaranteed prices, or design from scratch with our drafting and design department.

Estimating Services

Reduces risk with guaranteed prices and quantities eliminating job cost overruns.

Increasing Quality

Homes built in a controlled environment protecting the quality of materials from the harsh elements.

Build Year Round

Company provided crane allows for panelized floors and walls to be erected in a day and weather tight in three.

Less On-Site Waste

With the majority of site waste being eliminated, it will cut down on costly waste removal and site clean up.

10 Year Warranty

A 10-year structural warranty helps to build confidence with your customers and give piece of mind that their new home has met high standards.